Driving etiquette is the rules of conduct in driving. It is a behavior and manners every driver should be aware of while driving. Regardless if the person is a first time driver, or professional driver, one should be knowledgeable about driving etiquette.


The project is Web Video Feature about driving etiquette that seeks to show the consequences of good and bad driving etiquette to drivers' safety and traffic specifically for licensed Filipino drivers by providing a video showing the proper driving etiquette and the effects of bad driving etiquette.


Attidude Driving

November 10, 2013; 11:30 AM

A lot of drivers today often think that driving is just stepping on your gas pedal and stirring the wheel. It’s more than just that. Attitude towards the road environment and driving can take control on our driving behavior. Today, huge number of road accidents and congested areas are being cause by aggressive drivers. Specifically young men have taken the blame for their poor attitude and behavior when driving. Nevertheless, the number of young women showing aggressive behavior is increasing. It’s not an excuse if you’re having a crappy day or so. It will not only cost you the trouble in driving but also risking other peoples’ lives. Dangerous driving, careless driving, unable to have proper control of the vehicle and causing the vehicle to make unnecessary noise or smoke are also considered reckless driving and it’s punishable by the law.

Hands on your wheels

September 29, 2013; 11:30 PM

Are you one of those drivers who just cant take your hands off your cellphones? Well think again because one of the main reasons why accidents on the road happen is because you are too distracted in driving. A driver should be focused on driving and both hands on the stirring wheels. Yes you might be late for your meeting that's why you're texting your boss and rushing on the road? Not a valid reason! You might drove off a pedestrian because you are not paying attention or maybe you might beat off that red light. Bam. A road congestion begins. All drivers should be focused on the road. No eating while driving, smoking and drinking is definitely not permitted.

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